Official FarmPoly Whitepaper, last updated January 2022
FarmPoly is a gaming and NFT platform, the project found out its first inspiration in the game "Happy Harvest". In the metaverse, participants are rewarded with tokens while playing and interacting with the ecosystem.
In FarmPoly, players build their farms to plant and harvest, raise animals, compete in horse races and other activities that will arrive soon, an open world, with infinite possibilities.
Besides that, FarmPoly has a strong community that adds up the characteristics of social media, these interactions create an ideal environment for actions with partner companies and ‘’networking’’ between users.
FarmPoly counts with an economically accountable and sustainable design, which aims to consolidate and the platform’s longevity, and for that, Fampoly has incorporated some innovations to the ‘’Play to Earn’’ model.
Just like other projects, FarmPoly uses Blockchain technology to ensure the safety of investment transactions and reward users.
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