• Incentive by referral
In this modality, the participant with the most direct referrals will receive a percentage of shares and profits of the companies, which will be incorporated into the game, becoming their CEO. The CEO will directly influence the creation of a new ecosystem of businesses, receiving part of the profits of companies in the city.
The referral system will reward all users that refer a new player, increasing their chance of winning exclusive game items, depending on the number of active referrals in the game.
For instance: Player X referred 100 players using their link.
Accumulated 100 referral point, therefore Player X has the right of winning a bonus (ITEM) in regard to 100 points of reference.
  • Early Acquisition Incentive (CLOSED)
The first ones to purchase the Basic Farm and Full Farm before the game launch will have several advantages in the future.
Last modified 6mo ago
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